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BlackBerry Launches Tech Center in São Paulo


BlackBerry is going strong on the developer front and has launched another tech center, this time in São Paulo, Brazil. The tech center is BlackBerry's third and will serve Brazils large developer community. As with the other centers, students and developers will be able to go to the center for training and help with development and it will also help with business opportunities for them. The tech center is located at BlackBerry's offices in São Paulo and will be open weekdays.

Highlights from the opening of RIM's Tech Centers in Brazil


Back in December RIM opened a Tech Center in Brazil. The tech center is part of the BlackBerry Academic Program and while we posted on the launch of one tech center opening, two centers at two universities were actually launched in the country - Federal University of Algaos (UFAL) and Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE).

You'll remember that RIM also opened a Tech Center in the U.K. at their U.K. Headquarters however the centers differ in a way that the sessions and support are not provided by RIM employees. What was done in Brazil was they gave out 10 scholarships, trained students and professors alike and they in-turn became BlackBerry experts so they could provided the technical support for the Tech Center.

Check out the video highlights from the opening of both Tech Centers. The video above is from the UFAL opening, the video below is from the UFPE launch. Perhaps one day, I'll make some time to pop-up in RIM U.K. headquarters for some app developing technical support. You can certainly feel the enthusiam of both the developers and experts alike.

RIM opens BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil


BlackBerry Tech Center

RIM has opened another tech center for students/developers, this time in Brazil. The center is located at the Federal University of Alagoas in Maceió - Alagoas and will provide students with access to resources including equipment, test applications, developer support and much more.

"The opening of the first BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil reaffirms RIM's commitment to the country. We are looking to tap into the large talent in Brazil and invite them to come innovate with us to create the future of mobile computing," said Joao Stricker, Managing Director for Brazil at RIM. "By offering training and tools, a unique combination of startup culture and product excellence, we are supporting the innovation of the mobile developer ecosystem in Brazil." 

As part of the BlackBerry Academic Program, the new tech center will give students access to create and test mobile applications for BlackBerry as well as help generate business opportunities. Keep reading for the full press release. 

RIM opens up a Tech Center Porting Lab in the UK to assist BlackBerry 10 developers



I spent a few hours in the 'Tech Centre' at Research in Motion's UK headquarters today. I'm not very technical but fear not - I didn't need to be. I was there as they were promoting the new 'porting lab' that they now have up and running at the building in Slough. What's a porting lab I hear you ask? RIM has done something pretty special to help developers who need a hand getting their app ported over to BlackBerry 10. If you need some professional help -- free of charge --you can now book an appointment at the Tech Centre where an expert will be there to assist you with getting the application ready for BB10. Pretty cool eh? The lab will be open five days a week and there will be a BlackBerry evangelist on hand to assist with any issues you may have.