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TAT founder leaves RIM to pursue other projects


A Look Inside The Astonishing Tribe's Headquarters!


TAT = Teasers Are Torture!

TAT = Teasers Are Torture. RIM's Teasers Show Off Innovative Thinking on PlayBook, But When Will We See Product?


Yesterday in Barcelona, Simon Sage posted a video (watch it above) showing off a very slick demo of a multi-user application called Confetti. Involving local file sharing over PlayBook devices and a webcam-driven spatial referencing system that ties in with Cascades, it creates a social group sharing experience we've never seen before on any platform.

Built by the The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) team, or RIM Sweden as they're now referred to, it scores full points on cool factor. Even my wife (the total non-geek) thought the Barcelona demo from RIM was outstanding. Nice.

But reading through reader comments, two good questions arise. First, is it practical? Will companies actually care about this kind of service? Second, why does RIM keep teasing us with these amazing Cascades-driven interfaces without releasing any of them to App World?

RIM Sweden makes meeting collaboration colorful and awesome with Confetti app for BlackBerry PlayBook


RIM's Sweden branch, previously known as The Astonishing Tribe, has made a big splash at Mobile World Congress 2012. One of two new concepts that they're showing off is called Confetti. It's a simple collaboration app that lets you easily transfer files between BlackBerry PlayBooks with a lot more flair than you'd expect. By mounting a webcam on the cieling, the PlayBooks are recognized, assigned a color, and positioned in relation to one another. Before a meeting starts, there's a casual game of virtual catch that you play by tapping your screen's dot. It shoots a streaming of jagged, funky pixels over to another member, and you keep bumping it around until the meeting is ready to start.

You launch the meeting with the top-down swipe, and now you can get to work. Little bubbles show up around the edge of your screen, each representing someone in the meeting, and they change position as the owner moves around. You can use the system menu to pull in images and documents, which can then be dragged to one of these edge bubbles to transfer the file over the local Wi-Fi network. You can also broadcast the file to the other users by pinch-zooming, or using a special gesture, shunt the image out to a projector. You can still share files directly with other users during this exposition mode by moving two BlackBerry PlayBooks close to one another.

TAT Cascades Demo: Rich UI Development for BlackBerry Apps


Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.2 bringing a new sticker set, better organization

Scrapbook for BlackBerry PlayBook
I really like the Scrapbook app on my BlackBerry PlayBook. I find different uses for it, and my daughter loves to play around with it, combing pictures and stickers (and even random app screenshots) to make her own special brand of collage. Scrapbook has seen several updates and today is again updated, now to v1.2.