Review: TaskMaster 2.0 for BlackBerry


TaskMaster is described as a next generation of to-do / task management BlackBerry application. Since an update for this application was released quite recently, it was only fitting to give it a run through. I hate to sound like a broken record, (hunh? What’s that?) but my Tasks option is both much needed and much neglected. Sure, I jot down important thoughts, projects and such in notes, but I tend to forget to add the entry to Tasks. The next thing I know, the important piece of information has slipped into the darkest recesses of my brain.

The TaskMaster application takes a great leap over the native Tasks application with regards to functionality. It grants the wishes of those who want to see a native BlackBerry application do more. Besides being able to play nice by increasing BlackBerry integration, TaskMaster is also able to help implement David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) workflow system. Hopefully, with these tweaks and enhancements that the application offers, it will help those who have shied away from creating tasks in the past.