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Verizon spent $70 million to triple Bay Area LTE capacity ahead of the Super Bowl


Verizon wants to make sure that all of its customers who are headed to the Super Bowl have full coverage, so the carrier has more than tripled its 4G LTE network capacity in the Bay Area. The carrier spent $70 million in what it calls a "long-term investment" to boost network performance from San Francisco to Santa Clara. With the additional capacity, Verizon will be able to deliver a more reliable connection, even when the area is overly saturated with users.

These upgrades have been in the works for two years: Verizon has built 16 new area cell sites improving network performance at more than 10 major area venues, three major airports, and several hotels.

How to watch the Super Bowl from your BlackBerry today!


The Big Game. The Superb Owl. Super Bowl XLVIII. It's on, TODAY. And you can watch it from your BlackBerry.

If you plan to be out and about when the game kicks off, you can easily tune in right on your BlackBerry (or Android, iOS & Windows Phone) thanks to the NFL Mobile app. The only setback is that you'll have to cough up the $5 subscription fee, but that shouldn't be too much to ask if watching on your phone is the only option. 

BlackBerry's top-rated Super Bowl Commercial, revisited


Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the official launch of BlackBerry 10. We're also coming up on the one year anniversary of BlackBerry's first-ever Super Bowl commercial.

This Sunday the Broncos will be battling it out against the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, and this year there will be no new Super Bowl commercial from BlackBerry. In lieu of a new one, I figured we could take a look back at last year's commercial.

Reactions to BlackBerry's Super Bowl commercial were extremely mixed. In our follow-up poll, 15% of you loved it, 25% of you thought it was "good enough", 31% of you thought it needed to be more aggressive, and 27% said WTF was that?!. Oh yeah, and 2% thought it needed more Hollywood. Speaking to many BlackBerry employees around and after that time, apparently even internally the reactions to the commercial were mixed (there was some debate about whether or not to follow through and air it).

Behind the scenes of the BlackBerry Super Bowl commercial


Talking BlackBerry Super Bowl commercial and upcoming Keep Moving ad campaign w/ Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben


Talking to CMO Frank Boulben about BlackBerry's first-ever Super Bowl commercial!
Talking to Frank Boulben about BlackBerry's Super Bowl commercial via BBM Video Chat

As I hit publish on this article, approximately 111 million people have just witnessed BlackBerry's first ever Super Bowl commercial. Opinions will surely vary, but personally I feel it was a solid way for BlackBerry to introduce the BlackBerry Z10 to the U.S. market. Stepping beyond the standard product demo type of ad we'd normally expect from BlackBerry, the Super Bowl placement took a more playful and cinematic approach. That's never a bad thing for a Super Bowl audience that's looking to be entertained.

CrackBerry Asks: What did you think of BlackBerry's Super Bowl commercial?

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry's oft-teased BlackBerry Z10 ad for the Super Bowl just aired, and we're generally pretty happy with it. The ad was definitely more imaginative than Samsung's marginally funny, overbudgeted 2-minute spot, but what did you guys think? Did this need to be more punchy, like what we saw from these guys? Or was BlackBerry smart to be punching their wait with another month still left before American retail availability? Vote on the poll and hit up the comments and let us know what you think!

BlackBerry offers yet another sneak peek at their Super Bowl ad

BlackBerry Super Bowl ad

BlackBerry has been giving us little hints at to what they are going to air during their first ever Super Bowl advertisement. This one seems to be a half man, half elephant.

What do you want to see in the BlackBerry Super Bowl commercial?


Super Bowl
BlackBerry has been teasing the ad with image like this... but what is it?  

* Update from Kevin: Just got an early look at the BlackBerry Super Bowl commercial airing later today. Me likey!!!! Not your typical product demo type of commercial. It's totally fitting for Super Bowl. *