STEALTHbits - The fresh new kid in the BlackBerry Monitoring and Reporting Game


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You may have heard of the current players in this space. BoxTone and ZENprise. They have been around for a long time and have established client bases of satisfied customers. However it is always good to bring up our heads and look around for a fresh approach, and a fresh approach is what STEALTHbits gives you.


STEALTHbits started life as a company that monitored and reported on desktops and servers, but then progressed into monitoring and reporting on Active Directory, Exchange, SQL databases, and even SharePoint.

By reporting and monitoring on all of these systems they can provide you with a near complete picture of what is going on in your environment. As we know, all environments consist of multiple servers and systems. Your Exchange server runs on a Windows server and both connect to Active Directory. If you monitor and report on all three, you can much more easily provide a complete picture of the environment than if you just monitored and reported on Exchange.