Standing Desks

Standing Desks - Why I Use One; Why You Should Too


With Mobile Nations Fitness Month coming to an end, I just *had* to write a quick long post on the "mobile health accessory" I use the most every day. That honor goes to my standing desk. I know, I know... you probably don't think of a desk when thinking mobile health, but my Anthro Elevate Adjusta does roll on wheels and move up and down, so it passes the mobile test as far as I'm concerned (granted it won't fit into my pocket that well when I leave the office).

The concept of standing at a desk while working isn't new. Many famous people in history like Leonard Da Vinci, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill reportedly preferred working while standing to help get those creative and writing juices flowing. Over the past couple of years there has been a lot of buzz about the health benefits of standing desks, driven by research that concluded the longer you sit, the shorter your life is (all other things being equal). I don't pay too much attention to research as I know it can be argued and manipulated pretty much any and every which way you want, but as someone who's been working at a desk daily since graduating university in 2004, the notion of being a little more active and vertical during the work day intuitively made sense.