Splashtop Pro

Splashtop releases Splashtop Pro Enterprise App for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Having already released their consumer offering for the BlackBerry PlayBook the folks from Splashtop Inc. have now moved onto their latest release into BlackBerry App World. Splashtop Pro is the enterprise offering from the company that will not only appeal to IT Admins, but the employee's whose companies are now making use of the BlackBerry PlayBook within their workforce.

"RIM is focused on winning the enterprise, and Splashtop Pro is the perfect app to support the PlayBook's success there," said Mark Lee, Splashtop CEO and co-founder. "Employees can go anywhere with their PlayBooks and have secure remote access to all their applications and files on their computers."

In order to use Splashtop Pro, you'll need to sign up via the Splashtop website but a free 30 day trial is offered to all IT Admins looking to make use of the services. If you're looking for further information and use case scenarios, you can jump below for the full details.