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BlackBerry Internet Service - MTN gives the facts regarding unlimited plans and BBM



There seems to be some confusion about whats happening with the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) at the moment so it's time to set the record straight. The BlackBerry Internet Service (BlackBerry Messenger/BBM, email, social networks and instant messaging, browsing, BlackBerry World etc) will remain alongside BlackBerry 10.  Also, that the packages for BlackBerry Internet Service (available from carrier partners), will remain, especially in emerging markets).  MTN in South Africa has publically stated below that they will not discontinue support for BlackBerry Internet Service.  The coverage reads as if BlackBerry Internet Service is being discontinued entirely. This has been reported by more than one news site over the last day.

The BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale in Italy and South Africa



The BlackBerry Z10 has gone on sale in yet another couple of countries in the last day or two. South Africa was first with the Z10 launching on Vodacom and then Italy followed suit where you can pick up the new BlackBerry 10 smartphone on Vodafone.

RIM opens its second BlackBerry apps lab in South Africa



We reported just last month about the new porting lab that RIM had opened here in the UK which I popped along to check out. As I said then, they were planning to open further app labs in other countries and today sees the grand opening of the second BlackBerry apps lab in South Africa.

Although we now know that RIM is to officially announce BlackBerry 10 at the end of January, this new lab in South Africa isn't just about the new platform. With BlackBerry 7 doing so well in the region the lab is just as much about helping devs get apps up and running on BB7 as well as the PlayBook OS. Clearly BB10 support will be there too but with BB7 devices doing so well in Africa that may well be where they money is to be made in the near future for developers?

Nice job RIM - keep it up! You can catch the full press release below.

BlackBerry UK teases the gold BlackBerry Bold 9900


A few days ago we told you how South Africa's Olympic gold medal winners were receving a custom gold BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Well it looks like they may not be the only ones with the gold. BlackBerry UK has posted the above video that teases the very same device (at least we think it is) and it looks like they may be offering up one (or more) for the taking.

Have a BlackBerry question in South Africa? Ask the BlackBerry Buddies



It was only a few days ago we told you how well BlackBerry was currently doing in Africa and coincidentally some interesting news has emerged this week regarding how RIM are helping out the BlackBerry community. It is in the form of BlackBerry Buddies who are now located in a selection of malls in South Africa, primed to serve the BlackBerry nation.

The idea of the BlackBerry Buddies scheme is to assist current BlackBerry users with technical issues they may have with their handsets, as well as sharing tips, tricks and shortcuts to give users the best BlackBerry experience possible. Engaging with customers on a personal level is probably the most a company can do to bridge the gap between themselves and the consumer and if you ask me it is a real step in the right direction in terms of customer service.

Vodacom brings integrated carrier billing to their customers


Vodacom brings integrated carrier billing to their customers

BlackBerry Bold 9900 lands in South Africa via Vodacom


BlackBerry Bold 9900 on Vodacom 

The highly anticipated BlackBerry Bold 9900 was today launched by RIM and Vodacom in South Africa. The Bold 9900 with its slim design and smooth keyboard lands on Vodacom and their 43 million customer base. Zunaid Dinath, Vodacom's Managing Executive of Sales said:

BlackBerry PlayBook now available in South Africa



Vodacom, an African mobile communications company covering the needs of over 40 million customers, has teamed up with RIM to bring South Africa uncompromised Web browsing at its fingertips with the BlackBerry PlayBook. Vodacom's Managing Executive of Sales, Zunaid Dinath, commented: