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Bring the comic book to the real world with Blips for BlackBerry smartphones


At some point in almost everyone’s life, they probably picked up a comic book, or even watched an old Batman movie and saw the giant "BAM!!" and "POW!" pop across the screen or page. Wouldn't it be cool if you could 'entertain' your friends and family with those sound effects? Well, now you can.

Blips for BlackBerry Smartphones is an application that will help you relive those days of comic books and cheesey comic movies. Blips contains various sound effects that are matched with text on your BlackBerry. The cool part is how those sounds are triggered. They are triggered three different ways. The first is by touching the screen of touch-screen enabled BlackBerry Smartphones. The second is to click the track pad. Finally, the third is to shake your BlackBerry. Each time you do one of the trigger actions, your Smartphone will produce a different sound. Along with the sound, text will be displayed on your BlackBerry.