Journey with us as we fly from island to island in the review of Tiny Bird for BlackBerry

Tiny Bird for the PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphones

If you've had a BlackBerry PlayBook for more than, lets say six months, you would have experienced the lack of games and apps on the new platform. But, that's all changed. Not only are we seeing an influx in games for the PlayBook, those developers are also porting some of their titles onto the BlackBerry 7 platform. The latest game I'm taking a look at is available on both the BlackBerry PlayBook, and also on many BlackBerry smartphones.

Tiny Bird for the BlackBerry is an action packed, and might I say addicting game where your sole mission is to reach the end of the islands. The game features a small winged bird that doesn't have much of a capacity for flying, so your job is to help it land and use the hills on each island to propel it into the clouds. Continue reading to see how this game stacks up to similar games available on other platforms.

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