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The movie Bruce Almighty was on TV recently; a 2003 comedy where a frustrated field reporter was lent the powers of the big G for a week. During the film, Bruce used his newfound powers to become “Mr. Exclusive” – being the first, and the only, reporter on the scene at major news that he himself created. Putting aside the divine powers, it can be argued that almost anyone can become a Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Exclusive – with the right tools of course.

The way we access the news is continually changing as mobile technology advances. I don’t know how many times I would catch the news on an application such as Viigo long before I would be able to sit down in front of the six o’clock news. Do you even venture to the newspaper stand to pay for a paper anymore? Why would you when you can read it online for free? The news has come and gone long before the paper hits the stands – the term “hot off the presses” no longer applies. Terms like “trends” and “feeds” have easily replaced it as they better reflect that instantaneous access we have. If you have a smartphone (or dumbphone for that matter) in hand, and you’re on the scene, you could potentially become a mobile reporter.

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