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Review of SmrtGuard for BlackBerry Smartphones

Have you ever misplaced your Blackberry? You start back-tracking in your mind, thinking to yourself, "Where do I last remember using it," while the sweat starts to form on your skin. The next thought on your mind might be, "When did I last back up my data, and why did I keep putting off adding password protection to it?"

I had an experience with one of my first cell phones where I lost it in a snow bank and ended up finding it a week later. Fortunately all I really had lost were the contacts on it, and there weren't that many on there at the time. Now with my Blackberry, I know how much information I have on it, and how much I'd hate to lose it. Fortunately for cases like these, SmrtGuard brings us some assurance.

SmrtGuard Celebrates Their Birthday With The Release Of Version 2.52 - Join In On The Celebrations And Win Some Great Prizes

SmrtGuard Celebrates Their Birthday With The Release Of Version 2.52  - Join In On The Celebrations And Win Some Great Prizes

Wow, it's really been one full year since SmrtGuard was released? Seems not all that long ago it was just rolling out of beta status. But as the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. To kick off the celebrations of the one year birthday of SmrtGuard the latest release which is at version 2.52 is now available for download. Read on after the break to check out the new features and see how you can win some great prizes.

SmrtGuard for BlackBerry A to Z


SmrtGuard is one of those apps that just works. It gives you peace of mind that your device is safe and can be remotely wiped of all data should it ever be lost or stolen. You can backup/restore data, remotely wipe and locate the device, protect your SIM from being swapped out and more. I love having it installed as it can be used both as a backup tool and has loads of security features. Everything can be managed from an easy web-interface (check out what it looks like after the jump) and it just does what it does. Hit the video above for a quick look. SmrtGuard is available in the CrackBerry App Store for monthly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions. A free version is available in BlackBerry App World that gives you the remote tracking, remote wipe, personal guardian and SIM guardian all for free (so you have no reason not to try it). Check the links below for more info.

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