Which cell site is your UK EE BlackBerry roaming on? Use the secret code to help give you an indication



You may remember from late last month that we told UK BlackBerry users who are on either Orange or T-Mobile that their network provider name would switch at some point on their BlackBerry to EE. For those of you that are not aware Orange and T-Mobile are owned by the same company who have recently been re-branded from Everything Everywhere to plain old EE.

Just today I got a text message from Orange telling me that when I reboot my device I would then have the new EE name on my phone instead of the current Orange one. So I switched my mobile network off and on again and hey pesto there it was - EE.

But then one thing struck me. Because Orange and T-Mobile share cell sites - as a customer of either network you automatically roam onto the cell tower that is emitting the strongest signal. Being a bit of a geek I like to know which one I am on and up until now it has been easy to see. Orange BlackBerry customers phones will show 'Orange -T-Mobile' if roaming on a T-Mobile mast and vice versa for T-Mobile customers. However, now with my BlackBerry just showing EE as the network provider I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to see which cell site I was on.

Signal Bars


The signal strength of your BlackBerry is pretty easy to see from the number of bars displayed. Ever wonder what those bars mean?