BlackBerry developer tools and reward programs see updates at BlackBerry Jam Europe

BlackBerry Jam Europe

Not long into the BlackBerry Jam Europe opening session and BlackBerry is dropping lots of good things on us. First, it was announced that the BlackBerry 10.1 SDK is now available, which allows for building BlackBerry Q10 applications. Also, the BlackBerry World vendor portal for the BlackBerry Q10 is now open. Next, BlackBerry announced updates to the Built for BlackBerry program including a top Built for BlackBerry list on BlackBerry World to increase discoverability and marketability of Built for BlackBerry apps. Alec Saunders also showed off the Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 in red, which will be available for developers only.

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iSpeech launching SDK to easily allow developers to incorporate text to speech and speech recognition



We have taken a look at, an application that reads your messages out loud while driving, quite a number of times here, and the developers have hit us with some rather interesting news. iSpeech is the latest from the same folks, and they will be releasing a free, yes free, multi platform SDK that will allow developers instant access to these features, allowing them to build them into their existing applications.  Their services have been used over a billion times to date, with over 3,000 registered developers, which is expected to grow hugely thanks to the SDK.

The SDK will launch with 40 different voices and 25 free languages available, with the option to purchase additional voices. Whether a developer, or not, get excited, as this means that developers can now begin to impliment this additional functionality in a much simpler fashion than ever before. So developers, will you be adding these features to your existing applications? If so, let us know! Full press release after the break.

For more information / getting started with iSpeech

RIM launches new developer tools and services for BlackBerry Tablet OS and BlackBerry Smartphones at BlackBerry DEVCON Asia


BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet 

Hot off the CES PlayBook whirlwind DevCon Asia is just getting started. To start things off RIM has just announced the availability of the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK (beta) for tablet OS as well as some new services for smartphones. The WebWorks SDK will allow developers to use web development tools with which they are already familiar and implement them on the BlackBerry tablet OS. The WebWorks SDK will provide:

  • RIM's powerful WebKit web rendering engine (which is at the core of WebWorks) supporting the latest web technology standards including HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • Deep access to device capabilities and components such as native dialogs, application invocation and system information
  • A simple command-line tool that allows developers to use their favorite web development environment to develop WebWorks applications
  • The capability to automatically transform a W3C widget archive file containing web assets into a BlackBerry WebWorks application package
Also available are the Payment Service SDK, Push Service SDK and Java plug-in for Eclipse.  To check out the WebWorks SDK head to or for other tools. Keep reading for the full press release.

BlackBerry PlayBook SDK for Adobe AIR and simulators now available for download

BlackBerry PlayBook SDK

* Updated: See official Press Release below! *

Since the announcement of the BlackBerry PlayBook many folks have been waiting to get a deeper look into what, exactly can be done with the device. App developers especially. Now, the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK for Adobe AIR app creation has been released and alongside it are the downloads for the simulators (Windows and Mac versions) for both. Of course, Research In Motion have marked both as beta's so you'll have to keep that in mind when exploring. We'll hopefully see plenty of updates for it over time but, for now this is the start of something good. Now, be honest. How many of you all are gonna download the simulator just to see what's up?

RIM introduces new geolocation feature - no GPS required!

RIM introduces new geolocation feature - No GPS required