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Get your BlackBerry in the Halloween spirit with free ringtones!

BlackBerry Halloween
Halloween is right around the corner and we've been showing you some fun things you can do to get your BlackBerry in the spirit. From a photo app to transform your pictures into cool Halloween scenes, to incredible Halloween themes and a fun and spooky soundboard type app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. One of the easiest and probably most popular ways to personalize your BlackBerry is with a ringtone, and CrackBerry has tons of free ones you can choose from, for holidays or any day. Head over to the Ringtone Gallery or the Ringtone Forums at the links below, and head past the break to see a sample of what you can find. Thanks to everyone that contributes to the gallery and the forums!

Find free ringtones in the Ringtone Gallery
Find free ringtones in the CrackBerry forums

CrackBerry guide to weather apps revisited



No one enjoys being caught off guard by a sudden downpour, or step outside without a coat into the freezing weather, do they? We know that life gets busy, and it is not always convenient to stop and watch the news to see what the weather is, but there are many simple solutions to keep you informed while on the go, right from your favorite BlackBerry device. For me I always left it to chance, hoping that I would get lucky and have cooperative weather, but one to many sudden downpours and getting caught in a few too many snow storms, I figured it was time to keep myself informed, and when I began my hunt I realized there was quite a number of options for me to use. Last year we took a look at some of our favorite weather applications available then, so let's take another look at what is available for everyone this year.

BlackBerry theme roundup for June 14th 2010 - 50 copies of Bingtastic Themes to be won


Contest: 50 Copies of Bingtastic Themes to be won. Leave a comment!

Theme Roundup june 14

I love writing this theme roundup every week, as it gives me the chance to see so many great themes and bring the best of the best to our readers.  The themes we have this week are entirely my own picks, the tip line has been very quiet lately.  Remember to represent your favorite themes and devs by sending an email to That said, I have some great themes to bring you this week, so hit the jump and let's get to the good stuff.

Best of Smartphone Experts, 20 Dec 2009


Week one of the Smartphone Round Robin is over and week two begins tomorrow. We've just scratched the surface here and already we've run the gamut from a Windows Mobile user examining webOS to a BlackBerry user having an encounter with the Droid. If you have a Smartphone need, we're pretty confident that the Round Robin will help you find out how to fill it.

We could go on, but there's egg nog to be spiked and presents to be wrapped, so hit up the updates page for a list of reviews by platform and hit this post up after the break for the best of Smartphone Experts this week.