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Splashtop Remote Desktop HD now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Splashtop HD

If you've been holding out and waiting for a really good remote desktop solution to arrive on the BlackBerry PlayBook, well -- that wait is over. Splashtop Remote Desktop HD has now arrived for the BlackBerry PlayBook and is available in BlackBerry App World.

With Splashtop Remote Desktop HD, BlackBerry PlayBook users can now:

  • Fully control PCs or Macs with intuitive touch controls and gestures to remotely access files and interact with applications
  • Work with Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) and Microsoft Outlook
  • Access iPhoto, Quicken, Keynote and other applications not available on BlackBerry PlayBook
  • Play music stored on their computer, whether in iTunes, Windows Media Player or other formats
  • Access IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers with bookmarks, favorite plug-ins and extensions
  • Connect to PCs or Macs over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks
Splashtop Remote Desktop HD for BlackBerry PlayBook can be downloaded from the BlackBerry App World for $4.99 for a limited time. If you're looking for the full details, you can view their press release beyond the break and we'll get a hands-on video up soon for you all.

Download Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

MobiAssist updated to v3.0.0.939 - adds OS 7 support, conference ability and more

    MobiAssist Login

    The good folks over at SOTI let us know they've updated their remote control assistance program to v3.0.0.939. This version brings not just support for OS 7 devices but a bunch of new features as well. If you're not familiar with MobiAssist, it's a cloud-based helpdesk service that allows technicians to remotely troubleshoot and diagnose BlackBerry devices no matter where the person may be. For example, my co-worker's device died in Pennsylvania and I reactivated his BlackBerry on BES from New York.

    Remotely support BlackBerry devices with MobiAssist by SOTI


    SOTI, the developers behind SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro, let us know about another one of their programs called MobiAssist a cloud-based service for enterprise users to perform real-time remote control and advanced diagnostics. Sounds like a mouthful right? Basically, its Pocket Controller-Pro on steroids, I mean transformed into a helpdesk, to make managing and supporting their devices easier. It's a powerful assistance tool that provides support to employees no matter where they are and helps reduce those tricky tech support phone calls we all know and love. Click on the jump for more details.

    Remote control your Mac or PC using your BlackBerry PlayBook


    LogMeIn on the BlackBerry PlayBook 

    Geek Pro rules are simple. Accomplish the most complicated of tasks in as few steps as possible; bonus points if you can do so without getting up from the couch. TeamViewer and LogMeIn are two remote management programs that allow you to access your computer.... well, remotely. Similar to Go to My PC, both of these services allow you to control your connected computer through any web browser. Unlike GtMPC, both TeamViewer and LogMeIn are completely free for non-commercial use.

    By now, you've probably figured it out. Your BlackBerry PlayBook is ready, willing, and able to use the web interface for both of these products. The web interface uses the client application already installed on your home or office computer to communicate using their respective websites. In your PlayBook's browser, you'll be able to control your computer almost exactly like you were sitting in front of it.

    You'll first need to register with one or more of the sites and install the client. This client will run on your computer at all times. Without it, you won't be able to remotely connect to your computer. Once you've signed in and accessed your computer, you'll be able to use your it as if you were sitting in front of it. You can open files and folders, move files around, and even email yourself that presentation you forgot this morning. All from your PlayBook's browser.  

    VLC Remote Control for BlackBerry


    Control your VLC media player over wifi using your BlackBerry

    VLC Remote Control

    VLCRemoteControl rates quite high on the Geek Coolness scale. The application lets you control VLC media player wirelessly over your home network.  VLC Media Player is a separate program that runs on your computer. It is designed to play any type of audio or video that you throw at it. VLC has the ability to accept commands over the internet; VLCRemoteControl uses that ability to great coolness.

    I imagine this app would be perfect for folks who don't sit in front of their computers. This is not as odd a circumstance as you might think. Many people - including myself - use a computer to watch videos on their TV's and listen to music through their entertainment system. VLCRemoteControl allows me to control any computer in my house running VLC media player.

    The trouble is, it doesn't work all of the time.

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    Citrix Receiver Arriving This Month For BlackBerry Smartphones

    Citrix Receiver To Arriving This Month For BlackBerry Smartphones

    Citrix has been around for a while now and chances are you may have used their offerings without even really knowing it. Be it to access documents from the office while at home or attend an online meeting. Citrix powers a lot of the internet happening with their products and connectivity options. As they are to PC's, Citrix is making a name in the mobile market now as well. Currently, Citrix has applications out for iPhone and Windows Mobile so stepping into the BlackBerry smartphone sector was indeed, the next step. For connectivity to remote PC's, Citrix is offering this: