Portable Keyboards

Matias One Keyboard for PC & BlackBerry and Matias Folding Keyboard for BlackBerry bring full-sized keyboards to your Smartphone


Imagine this scenario - it shouldn't be too difficult: you're using your desktop or laptop computer, typing away on your full-sized keyboard when some sort of BlackBerry communication comes through. It might be an email, a Tweet, or even a BBM. You pick up your BlackBerry Smartphone and type out a response on that great, but small keyboard. Messaging done, you return to your work on the computer. That's all well and good, but it could be better.

Now imagine the same situation, but add in the Matias One Keyboard for BlackBerry & PC. As I've described it to so many people this week: Type-y; Type-y; Type-y on your computer, press a button, type-y; type-y; type-y on your BlackBerry, all while using the same full-sized keyboard for both. Once the keyboard is paired with the BlackBerry, it really is that easy to use.

Hands-on with the ZAGGkeys FLEX



With PlayBook OS 2.0 coming up many of us are trying to ramp up our typing skills on the BlackBerry PlayBook, but now that it will have native email and all that goodness why not pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard to help get the job done even faster? ZAGG has just announced their newest Bluetooth keyboard, the ZAGGkeys FLEX, and what makes this keyboard different from many of their other models is that this is a univeral keyboard and isn't meant for any one specific device, so if you own multiple devices you will be able to take full advantage of this keyboard.