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Another Got Game Port-A-Thon from RIM - This time it's coming to Hong Kong


Hong Kong

RIM's gaming Port-A-Thon's have been quite a regular occurrence lately and things aren't slowing down prior to the New Year. We reported just last week about another virtual one in Australia and today RIM have announced another onsite 'Got Game Port-A-Thon', this time in Hong Kong. The event will take place on December 22nd on Tsing Island and as usual it will give developers the opportunity to get on the spot help from BlackBerry experts to port games over to BlackBerry 10 from other platforms.

As usual there are some incentives for developers which you can find below in the full press release. If this new event is as successful as the past ones then we are sure to see yet another huge bunch of games ported over to the forthcoming operating system.

Keep them coming RIM. You're doing a grand job so far.