Blue Line Magazine highlights BlackBerry's role in Law Enforcement


Blue Line Magazine highlights BlackBerry's role in Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement has a long history of making use of BlackBerry products and services around the world, so perhaps it's no surprise that in the latest issue of Blue Line Magazine when the topic of 'how the Internet age, cyberspace and virtual networks affect neighbourhood activity and community safety' comes up, there's also discussion of BlackBerry and how it helps community policing efforts.

Even the police feel over-charged by Rogers


BlackBerry security settings

If you think you're dishing out too much to service provider Rogers, you'd be in the same boat as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Newly discovered documents have revealed that as of August 1, Rogers had imposed a new set of fees on police divisions seeking data about their service subscribers. Though many of these requests were processed for free according to Rogers, some required a "minimal" charge to produce affidavits in court and track location when provided a warrant. The fees for affidavits have since been dropped, but location tracking charges remain.

UK Police to get the BlackBerry PlayBook


We have known for some time that a few Police departments in Canada already use the BlackBerry PlayBook, and if my memory serves me correctly I think that the PlayBook Cruiser even turned up at Kevin's house one day to show off its super powers! The software onboard the BlackBerry PlayBook designed for the police is developed by Mobile Innovations who we have also featured a several times recently. 

Rather excitingly for me I had a meeting this week with my new friend Bruce Murchie who works for Xenium Solutions in the UK who has an ongoing relationship with Mobile Innovations. As the BlackBerry solution has been so successful in Canada it is now time to start working on the UK Police Forces and to see if they are interested in utilizing the PlayBook as an in-car option. And the good news is that many are.

Canadian cops to get the Intergraph Mobile Responder application for BlackBerry PlayBook



We have covered the use of the BlackBerry PlayBook being utilized by law enforcement several times here on CrackBerry, but today brings us the encouraging news that the Intergraph Mobile Responder application will now get PlayBook support. The application is an extension of the police command centre and will give officers out in the field access to a range of services straight from the QNX powered tablet. As well as cops being able to use the PlayBook to view in real time the details from incident reports, indent updates and emergency requests the app also integrates chat functionality as well as GPS tracking for officer safety.

Intergraph Mobile Responder is due to be shown off at the Canadian Association of Chief Police Officers ( CACP) annual conference to he held in Nova Scotia, Canada from August 19th. The news that the application is getting PlayBook support is just another example of how law enforcement can take advantage of the great hardware that RIM have provided with the tablet. We interviewed Constable Ken Koke from the Chatham-Kent Police Service just a couple of months ago and he detailed how the PlayBook has almost revolutionized the the way that officer productivity can be increased.

It isn't clear if police officers will be using the new 4G PlayBook or the traditional WiFi model that allows for bridging with BlackBerry smartphones, but I wouldn't be surprised if this announcement has been made today in conjunction with the 4G PlayBook going on sale in Canada.

Carry on reading for the full press release.

The BlackBerry Solution from a cop's perspective


Ken Koke BlackBerry Cruiser

While I was over at BlackBerry World last month one of the things that excited me the most was the BlackBerry powered police cruiser (I have a slight police car fetish!). Constable Ken Koke is responsible for showcasing the vehicle as well as using it as his patrol car when keeping the streets of Chatham-Kent free from crime. As well as being a thoroughly nice chap, Ken is also a huge BlackBerry fan, so I decided that rather than waste his valuable time at BlackBerry World I would send him over some BlackBerry related questions to get his thoughts on using not only the BlackBerry smartphone, but also the BlackBerry PlayBook which is integrated into the police cruiser.

The answers have arrive and it makes for a great read -- so settle down with a drink, put your feet up and enjoy what Ken has to say on the BlackBerry solution and how his role as a police officer benefits from it.

BlackBerry smartphones save UK Police £112m per year

BlackBerry UK Police

According to RIM, the UK Police force is able to save around £112m a year by using BlackBerry smartphones.

Hamilton Police Nab Car Jacker Using Owners BlackBerry GPS?!?

Hamilton Police Nab Car Jacker Using BlackBerry GPS

A rather interesting story coming from the Hamilton Spector today. According to the article written, police in Hamilton were able nab a car jacker using what appears to be the built in GPS in the victim's BlackBerry. From the article: