Photo Translator

Review: Photo Translator for BlackBerry


Photo Translator Review

Sometimes things can get lost in translation. When travelling to a foreign country, not everything is presented in a tourists own language. You always hear tips, specific phrases or the advice to pack a translation book or even hire a local guide. While you’re looking into classes, or costs, there’s one more thing you should take a look at - your BlackBerry. It’s the perfect travel companion anyway. Think about it- you would use it to capture memorable photos and video, maintain your travel itinerary and (depending on WiFi access, or your data plan) keep in touch while travelling via email, BBM or social networking. What if your BlackBerry camera could do more? As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words… perhaps even worth a thousand translated words?

Near the end of last year, a call for BlackBerry toting lab rats was made for some testing. Don’t worry, no lab rats were harmed during the testing process (that I know of anyway). Photo Translator will capture an image and translate the text for you, whether you are home or abroad. You’ll feel less like an idiot the next time you find yourself staring at a menu where you can’t see anything that resembles a burger and fries. Let’s have a look.