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How to edit photos using the BlackBerry 10 photo editor


BlackBerry 10 Photo Editor

With BlackBerry 10 being built from the ground up, there are plenty of new things to explore and find within the OS. One thing RIM added that might sound rather trivial to some but could be thought of as a much needed feature to others is the built-in photo editing function.

Rather than searching out an app to help with cropping photos, red eye reduction, adjusting contrast or even adding filters and borders, it can all be done with the photo editing app. If you're new to BlackBerry 10 and need some help with learning just how to use the editing function, jump below for our full guide and walkthrough. 

Give your photos a touch of color with Black and Color Pictures for BlackBerry smartphones


Black and Color Pictures

One of the things I love most about my BlackBerry is being able to take candid and random shots while on the go. Whether it be a shot of an autumn evening, a rainbow after a storm, or just being at the right place at the right time (I'm looking at you Rick Springfield). What makes things even more exciting is taking these memories and altering them and sharing them right from your BlackBerry. Black and Color Pictures by LaurentCie lets you modify them quickly and easily to share with your friends and family. The developer saw this effect on a Sony camera and was curious about how they accomplished it and decided to turn it into a BlackBerry App.

Dear Berry: Best Photo Editing apps


Dear Berry

Hello again faithful CrackBerry readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. This week's question actually comes from two CB readers, who both ask:

What are some of the best photo editing apps available on App World for BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook?

For a list of some of the Crack Teams favorite photo editing apps on the market, continue reading after the break!

Free online photo editing for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Photo Editing PlayBook

Often times you may find yourself wanting to edit some images on your BlackBerry PlayBook. While there is a small seleciton of apps available, as forums member edyb pointed out, there are also plenty of free online editors that work great on the PlayBook. In my experience the best is, but there are others that appeal to different users as well. Keep reading for the full list, then play around a bit with each to see which you like best (let us know in the comments). Be sure to hit up the forums and let us know which one is your favorite.

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Photo Studio for BlackBerry [App Review]


Photo Studio for BlackBerry

Part of the fun of having a camera on your cell phone is the ability to snap random and fun pictures anywhere that you go and post them on the fly. What is even more fun than that is having the ability to edit them and make them a bit different than they appear in real life before sharing them with friends and family. Not everyone has the time to sit down at a computer and edit the pictures that they took that day, nor do we always want to have to wait to do this, and that is where Photo Studio for BlackBerry comes into play. So how many features can you pack into one application? How many changes can you make to a photo right from your BlackBerry device? Let's hit the break and check them out.