Personal Safety

Guardly Mobile Personal Safety app now available for BlackBerry smartphones


A new application just released today is the Guardly Mobile Personal Safety application. Guardly is the first mobile personal safety service that instantly connects you to friends, family & authorities in just one tap. Here's a brief overview of what the app can do:

  • You feel that you're being followed, so you launch Guardly. After a short countdown sequence, an emergency alert is sent to your safety network via phone, email & SMS text. This includes a link to your current location.
  •  Since your default group was set to autodial 911 if no other selection was made during the countdown sequence, Guardly then dials 911 for you. (Note: this setting can also be disabled on-the-fly)
  • While you're on the phone with 911, you switch back to Guardly to send instant message updates to your safety network using the Guardly Connect emergency response website.
  • Your pursuer is getting closer, so you take a few pictures that are automatically shared with your safety network. As you start walking, your location updates are shared automatically.
  • As an additional deterrent, you activate the loud siren. Your pursuer realizes that you're not an easy mark, and moves on.