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ElcomSoft Password Breaker gives you access to BlackBerry Wallet and Password Keeper


Unlock BlackBerry

One of the great things about BlackBerry devices is the ability to password protect the device itself, as well as certain applications or areas on the device from prying eyes. Browse BlackBerry App World or even the CrackBerry app store and you’ll find a whole host of third party apps that allow you to password protect files, folders, photos, BBM, website passwords etc but the BlackBerry itself has one built in already - Password Keeper. You can also download a BlackBerry app that lets you save billing information, credit card details etc to save you time in filling out forms. Of course this is also password protected with a master password. You also would not want anybody accessing that kind of information, bringing me to the point of this post. ElcomSoft, a sotware company, has developed the first commercially available product that allows you to access passwords that are stored in Password Keeper as well as the information stored in BlackBerry Wallet.