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Michelle's most-used BlackBerry apps of 2011

Michelle's most-used BlackBerry apps of 2011
One of the bad things about being a procrastinator and putting off doing this post: some of my most used apps have already been covered. I'm going to need you guys to all pretend you didn't already read Adam, Bla1ze, Ryan, or Joseph's lists and it will all seem new. Lots of people complain that BlackBerry just doesn't have any apps, and while we are missing some that would be nice to have, I think there are plenty out there to make use of.

In no particular order, my most used BlackBerry apps are:

QuickLaunch by Nikkisoft updated to v4.0 adding a ton of features and fixes - Get it on sale now!

QuickLaunch by Nikkisoft was just updated bringing the app up to version 4.0 bringing with it various upgrades and some fixes including Universal Search integration, mobile hotspot and NFC toggle, shake launch, larger fonts, and a ton more.

Other changes in this update include:

Review: Mindmaps for the BlackBerry PlayBook



With a touch screen, we tend to look for more free flowing applications to help us in our daily tasks. While having a list we can look at is helpful, there’s something about a touch screen that has us looking for a more attractive way to visualize and manage projects, tasks, ideas and even goals. The BlackBerry PlayBook, to me, is the perfect sized tablet for making my To-Dos easy to read and easier on the eyes. Take away a physical keyboard (BlackBerry smartphone or computer keyboard that is) and it almost feels like I’m looking directly at what’s inside my brain (yeesh, I thought my bedroom when I was a kid was messy!). It’s just me and my noggin, trying to hash out ideas, making sense of the process. What a lot of people do is tap into the power of a mind map, whether it’s created on a black or white board, a notepad or a napkin.

Mindmaps allows you to do the same thing, except on your BlackBerry PlayBook and not on a mustard stained napkin. Not only does it help you keep track of the thoughts in your brain, but it also lets you manage the layout, colours and more. What was once a great idea may have to be put on the backburner. Mindmaps can help you move the idea around without having to scribble it out. There other mind mapping BlackBerry PlayBook applications out there, so let’s see how this one handles your crazy ideas.