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Look to the stars with Stellarium for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Portability at its best - See why ReadOnTouch Pro is a must have for the BlackBerry PlayBook


With portability at the heart of the BlackBerry PlayBook it’s easy to forget that the device we hold today isn’t connected 24/7. So staying up-to-date with articles here on CrackBerry and other news sites may be a little difficult while on the go. Surely there has to be a fix while we wait for the notorious 4G LTE PlayBook we’ve heard so much about, and well, there is. ReadOnTouch Pro has officially made its way into BlackBerry App World. ReadOnTouch Pro allows you to save sites on your desktop for later viewing on the PlayBook, which is insanely handy. Continue reading for the full review of ReadOnTouch Pro.

Make sweet music with NodeBeat for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Edit photos on the go with Uber Iris for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Uber Iris on the BlackBerry PlayBook lets you edit photos right from your tablet.

Uber Iris for the BlackBerry PlayBook

While we're still waiting for Instagram to be developed for the BlackBerry platform, other developers are pushing through and creating their own variations to help fill the void. Today I wanted to share with the CrackBerry nation Uber Iris from Xlabz. Now, the Xlabz team isn't new to the BlackBerry platform and have a few productivity applications available on the BlackBerry PlayBook (like GroovyNotes, StockPulse, and Vault) but they’re no stranger to consumer-orientated apps like Sketch W Friends and now Uber Iris. Follow me after the break to see how this photo-editing app stacks up to the rest.

BeWeather HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook is fantastic - Check out our review to see why!


BeWeather HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a feature-rich weather app that really stands out in both looks and functionality!

BeWeather for the BlackBerry PlayBook

If waking up in the morning and checking the weather is something you've become addicted to you, will definitely want to check out a new PlayBook application called BeWeather from Bellshare. BeWeather is an all-in-one weather app that not only gives you the current and future weather forecasts, it does so in a visually appealing way. You’ll want to follow me after the break to read the full review on one of the best weather apps currently available for the BlackBerry PlayBook.