Quick Review: OnePound for the BlackBerry PlayBook


It's Health & Fitness Month at Mobile Nations!

"I know I will reach my ideal weight of 87 kg quickly using this" - baz1001 App World review

3 1/2 star rating


Okay scale, you hate me and I hate you. That being said we’re going to have to put aside our differences if we’re going to get through this. We both want to see the numbers drop, trust me, I know. The problem is that I think I’m putting more into this than you are. Sure, you’re measuring my weight and displaying it for me (while silently laughing at me), but I’m the one trying to lose it and figuring out my progress. That’s it, I’m bringing in an assistant, don’t try and stop me. Its name is OnePound and it’s going to help crunch the numbers for me. It’s going to let me to focus on diet and exercise, while it keeps track of weight loss, calculates my BMI and charts my journey to skinny town. What about you? Well, why don’t you just sit there and let me stand on you – without screaming for once?