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FREE alternative to BeBuzz - Advanced Calls & LED Control


Advanced Calls and LED Control

I'm an avid fan of the popular LED notification light app called BeBuzz (aka BerryBuzz). The biggest complaint from most people about the app is the price tag. There are similar apps out there that offer almost the same experience at a fraction of the cost but most don't even come close to the original...until now. When glancing through the forums, I ran across Advanced Calls and LED Control by Sultan Al Sooz. With this free, yes I said FREE, app you have an unlimited amount of possibilities and extra uses on your phone. Not only does the app give you a variety of LED color choices for your notifications, you also get some pretty cool call control features as well. Keep reading after the break for all the juicy details on this fantastic FREE app!

My must have smartphone feature is a blinking notification light, what's yours?


BlackBerry 6710

Back in 2005 I had my first experience with a BlackBerry. I don’t recall the model, but I do remember it having a green screen with black text, and a thumbwheel. It looked similar to the above, which is a BlackBerry 6710.

Ah, those were the days… In March 2007, I joined, right in its infancy, literally. The website, along with the forums was growing rather quickly, and word was spreading, including the new name, ‘CrackBerry’. By mid 2007 I wouldn’t be caught dead without my BlackBerry. If it wasn’t in my hand, it was on my right hip. I hardly ever used it for calls; it was used mainly for emails, and BlackBerry Pin Messenger or as it is known today, BBM. Being an addict was one thing, but admitting it was something else. I was already a CrackBerry addict, albeit, I hadn’t admitted it yet, but there was not an ‘official’ name till came along.