NoiseHush NX22 Hi-Fi

How NoiseHush NX22 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones made me love wires again


"NoiseHush NX22 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones - a modern take on a classic design. "

In Short:
"The music stays in and the noise stays out"

Should I Buy?
"One of the most comfortable pair of headphones on the market"

NoiseHush NX22

The wired versus wireless war has been raging for years, with my ears being the battleground. The major players have always been comfort, sound and functionality. For the longest time, I’ve been sporting the ear bud design. They’re lightweight and subtle. Now perhaps it’s the fact that my ears are oddly shaped, but I could never find that perfect fit- they kept popping out. The Bluetooth option intrigued me, as it provided a greater range of movement (zero chance of whiplash or strangulation while dancing). With the lack of wires, came the added responsibility of making sure they were charged – which I often neglected. After checking out Jared’s review of the NoiseHush NX26, I fell in love. Not with Jared (mind you, I hear he’s a great guy), but with what the large headphones had to offer. I decided to check out a pair of NoiseHush NX22 Hi-Fi stereo headphones to see if they, and my colossal cranium, were a perfect fit.