Yale Real Living locks with NFC technology at CES 2012

Yale Real Living

Visa Certifies BlackBerry smartphones for use as Visa mobile payment devices

Visa Mobile Payments
Not long ago, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Curve 9360 were approved by MasterCard as the world's first SIM-based smartphones to be PayPass Certified. Today, Visa has joined in and approved not only the Bold 9900 and Curve 9360, but the Bold 9790 and Curve 9380 for use as Visa Mobile Payment devices. This is a great example of how NFC can be put to use in a way that will make life easier and more efficient.

Press Release

Visa Certifies Smartphones for Use as Visa Mobile Payment Devices

NFC-enabled smartphones from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Research In Motion approved for use with Visa payWave, Visa’s mobile application for payments at the point-of-sale

SAN FRANCISCO - Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) and Visa Europe today announced that NFC-enabled smartphones from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Research In Motion (RIM) have been certified for use with Visa’s mobile application for payments at the point-of-sale, Visa payWave. The Samsung Galaxy SII, LG Optimus NET NFC, BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9790, BlackBerry® Curve™ 9360 and BlackBerry Curve 9380 have been added to the list of Visa compliant payment products available for commercial deployment by financial institutions.

All the new devices certified by Visa host the Visa payWave application on a secure SIM card and feature NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, the short range communications standard that enables mobile phones to securely transmit payment information to a contactless payment terminal.

Telefonica Digital and RIM announce NFC payments with BlackBerry smartphones


RIM Telefonica NFC Payments

While new BlackBerry 7 devices with built-in NFC have been out for a while now, we're still in search of ways to take advantage of them. There aren't currently many apps or services that make use of NFC, but today RIM and Telefonica have teamed up to bring mobile payments to NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphones. Telefonica's BlackBerry Wallet allows users to pay with their device simply by tapping it against a reader. This is the first of what we hope is many NFC payment solutions for BlackBerry and a very welcome addition. Keep reading for the full press release.

Press Release

Brings a secure environment for conducting transactions

  • Telefonica Digital has developed a version of its Wallet for NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphones
  • To be deployed first in Spain as part of a Telefonica pilot that will roll out in several international markets in 2012

WATERLOO, ONTARIO and MADRID, SPAIN--(Marketwire - Nov. 23, 2011) -

Telefónica Digital and Research In Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today announced a pilot program of the Telefónica Wallet for BlackBerry® smartphones.

In collaboration with local banks and retailers, Telefónica will roll out the Telefónica Wallet for BlackBerry to 350 employees at its headquarters in Distrito Telefónica, Spain. Those taking part in the trial will be able to make payments in a simple, easy, safe and convenient way by simply tapping their NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphone against a reader. Employees that are part of the NFC pilot project will also be able use their BlackBerry smartphone (in lieu of a security card) to gain physical access to the Telefónica headquarters office.

@ATTDeals removes tweet that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is Coming Soon to AT&T... is NFC the hold up here?


We want the BlackBerry Bold 9900!

This is odd. On October 21st @ATTDeals tweeted out that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is coming soon. Stay Tuned!. We reported it on Sunday, October 23rd. Now today CrackBerry member igotberryfever noticed that the Bold 9900 tweet has been removed from the @ATTDeals twitter account. What's up with that?! Whatever it is... it doesn't seem positive.

In other related news, I heard from a source the other day who I haven't heard from in years (literally since the original Bold 9000 was delayed on AT&T and he kept me the loop) who provided some insight into the Bold 9900 on AT&T delays stating that RIM's NFC implementation is a sticking point to be blamed on the phone not yet being released...

BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Curve 9360 Are World's First SIM-Based Smartphones to be MasterCard PayPass Certified


MasterCard PayPass

It looks like the NFC wheels are in motion for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Curve 9360. Both devices became the first SIM-based smartphones to be certified by Mastercard as PayPass approved, meaning we may not have to wait much longer to put that NFC feature to good use. Here's to hoping this is just the start of whats to come on the NFC front.

Press Release

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 26, 2011) - Research In Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today announced the BlackBerry® BoldTM 9900 and BlackBerry® CurveTM 9360 smartphones are the first SIM-based NFC smartphones to be certified by MasterCard Worldwide as PayPass-approved devices.

The certification was granted on the basis of the BlackBerry® smartphones meeting the functionality, interoperability and security requirements of MasterCard. With this certification, any MasterCard PayPass-issuing bank globally will be able to deploy MasterCard PayPass-enabled accounts to the SIM card of these smartphones.