BlackBerry Buyer's Guide: UK Edition (Part 2)


BlackBerry Buyer's Guide UK Networks 

A week ago we had a look at the BlackBerry smartphones available on each of the top 5 UK networks. This list consisted of devices available on contract. With Pay and Go very popular in the UK, it was only right to roundup a list of all BlackBerry devices available for users who prefer Pay and Go.

You may want to bookmark this post as it will be updated accordingly, when new devices get added. Namely, the BlackBerry 7 devices we are all eagerly waiting for.

BlackBerry Buyer's Guide: UK Edition (Part 1)

BlackBerry Buyer Guide UK networks

Here in the UK we have the top 5 networks for buying your mobile phone on - O2 UK, Vodafone UK, T-Mobile UK, Orange and Three. Although T-Mobile and Orange trade under an individual name they merged back in July 2010, so a lot of their tariffs end up being very similar if not the same. With a handful of networks it is sometimes hard to know what networks sells which BlackBerry and where the best deal lies. Of course you have Phones 4 U and Carphone Warehouse that deal with all the networks but first off we shall look at BlackBerry devices and tariffs available directly from the networks. The costs shown are for a 24-month contract. For an 18-month contract add £5 to the monthly cost, unless otherwise stated.