Near Field Communication

How RIM is building a connected future with NFC technology


We all know that NFC is the future in mobile payments; heck your credit card or bank card may already have the technology built into it.

NFC and the future of BlackBerry

With NFC technology already in real world use, it isn’t too far of a stretch to believe that this tech will be making it’s way onto our next generation BlackBerrys and other mobile devices as well. In the third and final installment of the “CrackBerry goes to Waterloo” series, I’m going to take a look on just how RIM is planning to build a more connected future with BlackBerry and Near Field Communications technology.

To understand how RIM currently feels about  NFC, we need to see how they’ve implemented it into the BlackBerry 7 operating system currently, with your NFC enabled BlackBerry, you can do a few things like transferring photos and videos to another BlackBerry, adding a BBM contact, suggesting apps from App World and more all by just a touch.  If you haven’t tried it out, I suggest you do so. Also, RIM has built NFC into the all-new BlackBerry Stereo Gateway - a Bluetooth connected media hub that allows you to connect to your BlackBerry by just a tap. With the current implementation, it shouldn't be too hard to imagine just where things are headed in the connected future.