Fancy a free turn-by-turn navigation app on your BlackBerry? We test out Gokivo

Gokivo Hero

*Note: Gokivo is available in the UK only.*

Being a bit of a GPS app geek I was pretty excited to see Gokivo arrive in App World. It wasn't an application I have heard of before however, due to the recent arrival of Telmap that we reviewed I was looking forward to giving it a try and comparing it with the other UK alternatives, although free options are rather limited for BlackBerry.

I am rather particular when it comes to voice guided navigation apps. There are a few things I require and if they are not present I tend to go off the app really quickly. These include: speedometer, showing current road name and the name of road for next turn. I also need some nice color schemes. Lets see if Gokivo lives up to my needs.