Free turn-by-turn sat nav for UK BlackBerry users with traffic, cameras and a slice of social media thrown in for good measure



Remember when we reviewed Telmap for BlackBerry smartphones? Well, the same devs have come up with another alternative but this time with built in traffic, maps and speed cameras - all for free! You will however require a touch screen BlackBerry for this particular application.

M8 is a free all-in-one mobile application that combines next generation navigation technology, local content and social media. You can expect the same first-class turn-by-turn in-car navigation, voice-guided instructions and postcode and address search that you get from Telmap Navigator.

Both free and premium options with Wisepilot for BlackBerry smartphones



Wisepilot is the third voice guided satellite navigation application I have reviewed here at CrackBerry in the last few months. Both Telmap and Gokivo were great apps and were free however there are a few things that set Wisepilot apart. Although a free download, you initially only get a free trial for five days and then you have a couple of options. You can either continue using the free options or you can upgrade to use the premium serves. The question I have been asking myself is are they worth the money?  

Gokivo - new free voice guided navigation app for BlackBerry smartphones



Another free voice guided navigation app has arrived for BlackBerry smartphones. It goes by the name of Gokivo and seems to tick all the boxes.

How good is Telmap Navigator, the free voice guided sat nav app for UK BlackBerry users?


I have used dozens of sat nav apps over the years on smartphones but have never found a great one for BlackBerry, until now! Taking all the others into consideration there are two main things I look for when deciding if the app is for me or not. The first is ease of use and the second is how aesthetic it is. Maybe the latter of the two is not as important for everyone but I'm kind of fussy and like things to look pretty.

RIM partners with TomTom for real-time traffic data and mapping


RIM TomTom

Quick Review: BlackBerry Traffic - My recent road trip

BlackBerry Traffic

Recently I made a road trip down to Virginia Beach for a wedding. Usually I know the roads I am traveling quite well, but in this case the route was very foreign to me. I have never been a fan of carrier navigation apps (mainly because of the monthly price) and have just used Google Maps if I found myself in a bind. Luckily, when I purchased my Hummer last year, they threw in a free GPS unit (refurbished of course) and I have kept it in my vehicle should the occasion arise where I would need it. Enter BlackBerry Traffic. I have heard of the app before, but never tried it or even read up on it extensively, due to the name. To me, the name made it seem like the app served one purpose, to keep you up to date with the traffic in your current region. I don't think it is such a far fetched assumption, but boy was I wrong....