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Google's My Account will now help you find your lost phone


Google has updated its My Account page for controlling your Google services like Gmail and others with a new "Find my phone" feature. It lets people locate or lock down their smartphone.

Quick Review: Rogers Wireless My Account app for BlackBerry

Rogers Wireless My Account

Quick Review: Rogers Wireless My Account app for BlackBerry I’ve noticed that a lot of us tend to grumble about what our carriers decide to load onto our BlackBerrys for us. Some users (and the carriers) see these apps as a convenience, while others see them as a nuisance. Once in a while, new ones pop up out of nowhere as well. A lot of people spend their first moments, with a new or updated BlackBerry, deleting what they would consider a “waste of memory”; you can typically see this in posts that show you how to maximize your memory. I can admit I tend to remove the so-called clutter on my own BlackBerry. Then I took a look at one add-on my carrier, Rogers Wireless, has available; My Account.

This application is one of those that you may take for granted without even looking at it, but it is actually worth a shot. My Account is designed to give you a better look at your Rogers Wireless account, without having to call in to customer service or grab your computer. Let’s see how much my bill is going to set me back.