TOMPlayer updates with new UI and features

TOMPlayer Update
Emacberry has been hard at work updating his TOMPlayer media application. Not only does this update include a new, more functional UI (more pleasing to the eye as well), it also comes jam packed with even more features then the previous version. For those of you who missed our first post regarding TOMPlayer, the app is essentially a media player for your BlackBerry that goes a little above and beyond the native media app with functions like returning to the exact spot you eexited the program. For the full list of additions keep reading after the break.

Meet TOMPlayer - The Other Media Player

TOMPlayer by emacberry

Rdio updates for BlackBerry 7 and unveils first digital music family plan

There are several options for streaming music on your BlackBerry, one of the newest being Rdio. Developed by the creators of Skype, Rdio is cross-platform and packed with great features including playlist and people support as well as music caching for when you are away from wifi or have no signal.

Rdio was recently updated for BlackBerry 7 devices, and today they have become the first service to offer digital music family plans. Families can add up to three accounts to one plan for a discounted subscription rate. Two accounts cost $17.99 per month, a 10 percent savings off the regular Rdio Unlimited monthly rate of $9.99; three accounts cost $22.99 per month, a 23 percent savings. No other digital music service currently provides discounted rates for families. Full press release and details can be found after the break and if you're interested in taking Rdio for a spin, head on over to

Mobiola xPlayer for BlackBerry updated to version 2.0


xplayer version 2

VLC Remote Control for BlackBerry


Control your VLC media player over wifi using your BlackBerry

VLC Remote Control

VLCRemoteControl rates quite high on the Geek Coolness scale. The application lets you control VLC media player wirelessly over your home network.  VLC Media Player is a separate program that runs on your computer. It is designed to play any type of audio or video that you throw at it. VLC has the ability to accept commands over the internet; VLCRemoteControl uses that ability to great coolness.

I imagine this app would be perfect for folks who don't sit in front of their computers. This is not as odd a circumstance as you might think. Many people - including myself - use a computer to watch videos on their TV's and listen to music through their entertainment system. VLCRemoteControl allows me to control any computer in my house running VLC media player.

The trouble is, it doesn't work all of the time.

Stream your iTunes library to your BlackBerry device with Jam11 - Now in beta


Jam11 is a new app (currently in beta) that allows you to stream your iTunes library to your BlackBerry smartphone. It also streams over 40,000 SHOUTcast internet radio stations, from around the globe. During my testing, I have personally experienced lightning fast streaming over 3G and Wifi. It is also nice that the app will also stream over sub-3G connections, a feature that a lot of apps don't support.

Nobex Radio Companion updated - Now with YouTube music videos for your favorite songs

Nobex Radion Companion

The folks over at Nobex Radio Companion let us know of a recent update to their poplular media streaming application. Nobex now lets you watch YouTube videos of your favorite songs. While listening to a song, simply hit menu and select "YouTube" to watch the music video for that song. Some more features of Nobex include:

Rdio - A cross platform streaming music service for BlackBerry

Rdio Music Service

7digital updated, now OS 6 ready