Review: mProductive for BlackBerry


There’s nothing like being unorganized to ruin your quality BlackBerry time. What was originally thought to be some rare, uninterrupted (finally) one on one with your beloved smart phone has become a mad dash to get it organized. Your calendar doesn’t match your task list. Quick memos get lost in the shuffle. Dates for important conference calls are incorrect. You realize that when you swore a BlackBerry will help you become more efficient, that it wouldn’t do all of the work for you. As amazing as it is, it still needs you to be at the helm. Maybe you need to rethink your choice, maybe you need another device. NO! All you need is an app to keep you on the organized straight and properly filed narrow.

Last week, the mProductive application rolled into the CrackBerry App Store; and was mentioned in the weekly app roundup. I wanted to take a look at it and see if it was willing to do, with the ToDo’s, it was made to do. Phew! mProductive is designed to minimize what some may see as unnecessary steps to maintain order. Will it ease your messy mobile clutter, or will it simply add to the pile? Let’s take a look.