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BlackBerry Friendly Sites: Entertainment - What’s on TV Tonight?


I never know if ABC is going to feature LOST on Wednesday night. Is it a new episode, a repeat? Since I don’t buy the weekly TV guide and I am too lazy to turn on my computer to find out, I figured I would put my BlackBerry to work. TV Guide, the leading authority for tv listings has nicely put together a mobile version of their web site.

BlackBerry Friendly Sites: Productivity - FedEx and UPS Package Tracking


So I’m waiting for a package to arrive. I shipped it from Amazon (Office Space and Gross Pointe Blank). I know it’s shipped, and I have a tracking number. Cool. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I sort of obsess over tracking my package progress. Normally I just log in to the UPS or FedEx websites on my computer and enter my tracking number. I’ve had times where I go to check my delivery progress only to find it says “delivered”. I go downstairs and voila! There it is, right on my front door step.

BlackBerry Friendly Sites: Entertainment - The Onion


“Bush Commits One Additional Troop to Afghanistan”

“Northeast Stunned By Freak January Snowfall”

“FEMA Calls Rebuilding Complete As New Orleans Restored To Former Squalor”

Do these headlines sound strange to you? They should. They’re from The Onion . It’s bold. It’s cheeky. It’s irreverant. And now it’s on your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Friendly Sites: Finance


Today we continue our series on BlackBerry Friendly websites. These are websites that are useful and fit the limited screen size of your BlackBerry. For those of us that follow the stock market, having up to date stock information at your fingertips (thumbtips?) while you are on the go is important. It’s one more reason to leave that big laptop behind and just carry along your BlackBerry.

Friendly Sites Series: WEATHER


When it comes to all things weather-related, I don’t know what it is but we are all a bit obsessed with it. What’s the temperature outside, is it going to rain today, should it make an hotel reservation for this week-end on the beach? It is a big business; we have TV channels dedicated to weather. Continuing our series on BlackBerry friendly sites, today we look at mobile Weather sites that are BlackBerry compliant.

We listed here what we consider the 5 best sites to get your weather information from. The fact is, you can not go wrong choosing any of them; it is more a question of personal preferences, styles, graphics used. After entering the city/state or zip code, you are ready to get a ton of information about weather and everything related to weather. From most of these sites, you’ll usually be able to get information on:

Friendly Sites Series: MOVIES


I truly enjoy the fact my BlackBerry is connected to the Internet. In theory that means the entire World Wide Web is accessible right from my phone. But unfortunately, most of the web sites are not designed to run on mobile devices. Web masters usually optimize their pages to run on large screens. Even with the most recent BlackBerry devices such as the Pearl, you only get 320 pixels width. Add to this some advanced scripts on some web pages and you can not even access some sites from your BlackBerry. But don’t worry; there are a bunch of sites around there specially customized to run perfectly on your browser. Here at, we’ve decided to launch a new series of articles about BlackBerry friendly web sites. Today, we are taking a look at the movie space and we’ll give you the absolute “must have” list.