Mobile Nations World Tour

From the Editor's Desk: the BlackBerry Gods have spoken


BlackBerry Gods Have Spoken

The BlackBerry Gods intervened this morning and have pretty much put an end to my visit with Android as part of the Mobile Nations World Tour (for the details of what happened, see this post). Long story short, I went for a jog this morning -- without the phone -- returned home, picked it up with sweaty / shaky hands and proceeded to drop it on the floor. I guess the Gorilla glass wasn't Gorilla enough for this fall. Lesson learned, yet again... if you want to protect your investment, use a case

While a broken phone sucks, the timing on this isn't too bad at least. I'm going to switch back to my trusty white BlackBerry Bold 9900 for the next few weeks - I want to be representing properly at BlackBerry Jam Americas at at the end of the month. Then from there I'm going to give the iPhone 5 a try, then later in the fall with try out Windows Phone 8 on the Lumia 920. Then it will be on to glorious BlackBerry 10, which we're excited as all heck for! As for my final thoughts as a BlackBerry user gone Android for a stint, I'm going to work on my wrap up post this week, so stay tuned for that.

There's a ton of other stuff going on right now in the world of mobile, so keep reading for some quick thoughts on everything...

Is that a Samsung Galaxy S3? BlackBerry needs to make sure they don't pull a HTC


The Mobile Nations World Tour continues...

The need for differentiation in full touchscreens
People keep thinking my HTC One X (right) is a Galaxy S3 

The 2012 Olympic Games are coming to an end this weekend. Every spare moment I've had over the past two weeks I've turned on the tv to watch the awe-inspiring performances of some of the world's most amazing athletes. At the same time, I've also sat in front of the television in awe of Samsung. Without exception, every single time I have tuned into London 2012 action, I have also seen a commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3). I don't know what Samsung's marketing budget was for these games, but I'm guessing it was astronomical.

Whatever Samsung had to spend though, it seems to be working in terms of building recognition among "regular people" for their new Galaxy S3 phone. So much so in fact, that since the Olympics have started that people are even recognizing non-Galaxy S3 devices as the Galaxy S3. The prime example? My HTC One X has a serious case of mistaken identity for the S3.

From the Editor's Desk: A busy and fun week


From the Editor's Desk
Yes, I'm using an Android phone for the month of June as part of the Mobile Nations World Tour, so
don't act all surprised if you see me tweet from an Android client. 

Happy Father's Day to all the CrackBerry dads out there!! I have to give a special shout out to my pops who I didn't get a chance to see today (I ran in a half marathon and couldn't make the trip out of the city). He reads CrackBerry daily though, so I know he'll see this. Thanks for being the bestest dad ever!

To all the fathers, I hope you've enjoyed your special day of honor and that your kids showed you some extra love. And if you received socks and ties today but next year are hoping for a little something something that caters to the techie in you, be sure to leave your web browser open to this page for your kids to stumble upon or accidentally forward them an email with the link. Father's Day Tech Gift guides only work when they're read by the kids ;)

Looking back at the week that was, it's been a busy one, so let's get to it!

Mobile Nations World Tour Update: Kevin says hello to Android and hangs out on an Android Central podcast


It's on. I announced the Mobile Nations World Tour 2012 earlier this week, which has me spending the next few months getting to better know the competition as we wait for BlackBerry 10. My first stop on the tour is Android and yesterday I said hello to the audience over at our sibling site Android Central, who *mainly* welcomed me with open arms (turns out there are a lot of ex-BB users and CB fans over there too). I also joined Phil, Jerry and Alex for a podcast in the evening, which you can check about above. 

Mobile Nations World Tour 2012 - To get ready for BlackBerry 10, CrackBerry Kevin is visiting the competition


CrackBerry Kevin's Mobile Nations World Tour

I'm excited for BlackBerry 10. It's torture waiting for it. Unfortunately, it's still a few months away and between now and then we are not expecting to see much from BlackBerry in terms of new devices (though I did just grab a new Curve 9320 that I'm going to do up a review on).

That being the case, I'm going to turn the next few months of waiting for BlackBerry 10 into a productive activity that will make me an even better BlackBerry blogger. In the past we've held an event called the Smartphone Round Robin, where the editors of our different sites spend some time using and reviewing the competition from the perspective of their platform. Later this year, once the iPhone 5, BlackBerry 10 and Windows 8 phones are available, we are going to hold a similar cross-site event.

In the meantime, you can think of the Mobile Nations World Tour as a simliar-yet-different one man version of this. I'm not so much going to review the competitors -- we have plenty of awesome reviews on our other sites for that -- but I'm going to become an expert on all of them and highlight some of my insights here on CrackBerry in various ways. It'll be fun. It will also add even more validity to my opinions, as they will be based not just on knowledge, but on real life experience. I'm sure it'll make our first BlackBerry 10 review that much better. And the extra non-BB experience will help with all those Switching to BlackBerry 10 articles I'll have to write. ;)