Mobile Innovations

Mobile Innovations announces a new Critical Incident Response Team application for BlackBerry smartphones



Mobile Innovations has recently announced a new BlackBerry smartphone law enforcement application especially designed to assist communications between Critical Incident Response Team officers responding to emergency situations. Primarily for use with SWAT teams and highway patrol the new MPACIRT app utilises PIN to PIN messaging as well as GPS to locate, alert, inform and report team members' status and distance from the incident via the BlackBerry.

"MPACIRT leverages the expertise we've gained with previous development of two of our existing apps." Explains Bauer. "You could say that MPA CIRT is a hybrid of MPAOfficerProtection, a white label PIN to PIN app sold through one of our partners, and MPATracker which locates and shows BlackBerry team members using GPS."

"With the CIRT Commander and CIRT member apps both done on the BlackBerry, we're now working on the CIRT Commander interface for the PlayBook with its larger form factor. This provides a larger display area, providing an even clearer picture for the CIRT Commander," adds Mobile Innovations President and founder Gary Bauer.