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Mobatech Applications
The crew over at Mobatech and their applications are definitely no strangers to the CrackBerry blogs. We've featured several of their applications including my personal fave, Mobile Checkbook, back in my CrackBerry Idol days. Mobatech is known for creating reliable and easy to use BlackBerry applications. All of their applications have been updated to include OS 7 compatibilty & to show their appreciation to CrackBerry users, their giving us 10 copies (winners choice of app) to give away. Read below for a brief description of each app and then drop us a line in the comments telling us which application you'd like to win and why.

Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry Review

CrackBerry Idol - Kerri

Review of Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry Smartphones

In today's economy financial matters are on most everyone's mind, so with that being said I thought a financial application would be fitting for my first review. I decided to try Mobile Checkbook by Mobatech because at a price of $9.99 it seemed to advertise all the features I would actually USE. If you're anything like me and have this obsessive need to make sure everything balances down to the penny then you've probably run through the gamut of options like checkbook registers, duplicate checks & computer financial software. Since my Blackberry is pretty much with me at all times (ok, maybe not in the shower but that's only because I know I'd drop it & I'm pretty sure my Blackberry isn't waterproof), I figured I'd let it simplify one more area of my life.