BlackBerry App Generator end of life is planned for May 29, 2015


BlackBerry App Generator

Since BlackBerry World 2012, Mippin and BlackBerry have provided a fast and easy way to allow anyone to create a BBOS, PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 app through the BlackBerry App Generator. Now though, emails have gone out letting anyone with an account know the service will reach end of life status as of May 29, 2015.

Making the CrackBerry BB10 app in under 10 minutes


During the general session for BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012, I mentioned in the liveblog that the way Cascades handled drag-and-drop UI design looked so easy that I (an utter code noob) could probably do it. Of course Kevin chimed in and announced that I would make the official BlackBerry 10 app for CrackBerry before the January 30 launch. Well, I did Kevin one better and made the app the next day thanks to the BlackBerry App Generator.