Michael Clewley

Interview Recap: Talking OS 2 with BlackBerry PlayBook Product Manager

Yesterday Kevin had an opportunity to sit down with Michael Clewley, one of the Project Managers of the PlayBook team at Research In Motion, about the launch of PlayBook OS 2.0. Held over video chat on the BlackBerry PlayBook, Kevin asked Michael about not only the launch of the new OS and some of the new features, but also about the future of PlayBook OS 2.0 and where it fits in on the road to BlackBerry 10. Since then, Kevin has decided that all interviews on CrackBerry should be conducted over video chat, because it rocks! If you didn't get a chance to watch the interview, you'll want to make sure you take the time to do so. However, if you can't commit to almost 27 minutes, we cover the main points for you after the break.