CrackBerry guide to BlackBerry school apps


Become the Teacher's Pet with these BlackBerry apps!

Doesn’t it seem like I have a bad habit of pointing out what some people fear and dread? It’s not that I get any pleasure out of it (bah-hahahaa). Like it or not, it’s almost time for school. It’s a new year; a year full of possibilities, memories and accomplishments. For some the joy (or pain) starts with a trip to get school supplies. If I were you, I would hold off on the sighing, whining and shuffling of your feet while the shopping cart fills up. Sharing in the excitement with your parents will probably pay off; and I’ll tell you why. Once the positive vibe is felt by all, you may find it easier to convince them that you need a BlackBerry this year. Tell them how it will keep you organized. Tell them how it will help you keep in touch. Tell them how it *ahem * won’t contribute to you social life. Tell them how you visited and read their Guide to Student Apps. Last year, we told you how to go back to school BlackBerry style. This year, I decided to expand on that list and give you another collection of applications; you know, for extra credit.