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Did You Know Your BlackBerry Memory Card Could Repair Itself?

Media Card Error  Media Card Error

How to Install a Media Card into your BlackBerry

Body:'s BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series

Happy Tuesday Class! And Welcome to Lecture 6 in's BlackBerry 101 Series. Today we're going to take a look at something that's simple if you know the process but can be a complete pain-in-the-butt if you are trying to figure it out for the first time (trust me, I learned the hard way), and that is installing a microSD / microSDHC media card into your BlackBerry. This past week I actually ran into three new-to-BlackBerry users who were having a heck of a time getting their media cards installed, so I figured this would be a good lecture topic to cover asap!

* Update: March 18th, 2010 - Check out the video below for an updated walk through of how to install your MicroSD Memory Card and SIM card into a whole bunch of BlackBerry Smartphone device models, including the Bold 9700, Tour 9630, Storm2, Storm 9530, 8830, 8530, 8520, Curve 8320, 8310, 8300, Pearl Flip 8230, 8220 and Pearl 8100, 8130, and 8120 *


Memory/Media cards have become a top-selling accessory for mobile phones, especially now that the capacity of microSDHC cards has hit and surpassed the 4 gig mark. To turn your BlackBerry into a Media device a microSDHC card is a must have, and is likely to be one of the first accessories you buy for your BlackBerry.

Breaking away from BlackBerry 101 tradition, and in keeping with the Media theme, this lecture is less about reading and more about looking and listening (lots of pictures and even a movie!). Let's get started!