Review: MediaKeyBooster for BlackBerry smartphones - 25 copies to be won!



Hey, how many convenience keys do you have on your BlackBerry smartphone? One… that’s too bad. I have four- that’s right; I’m using the Bold 9900 and I have four convenience keys. See, they’re all lined up on the right hand side. Okay, Okay, I know they’re media keys but, to me, they’re also convenience keys. This added functionality is brought to you by MediaKeyBooster, which lets you configure up to four apps, commands or shortcuts to each of your media keys. Volume up, volume down, even play/pause; they can all be made to do more than they were originally designed for. 

For things like opening the Calendar, Brickbreaker, or your Browser, I didn’t have to look at my screen anymore; I could just click a button a few times and away I go. Now is this really added convenience or do I now have to remember which app was on which button and how many clicks I need? Let’s take a look.