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Review: Texas Holdem King 2 by Magmic Games


My eyes are a little bleary this morning and I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee. I was up late last night playing Magmic’s Texas Hold’Em King 2. Magmic is holding a free poker tournament from March 26th to May 1st. To enter you just need to point your BlackBerry browser to and download Texas Hold’Em King! Grand prize is an all expense paid trip to Orlando, Florida with guaranteed placement at the final table in Bplay’s LIVE poker tournament on the evening of May 9th during WES (

Texas Holdem King
Texas Holdem King 2

AllBlackBerry Review: Brain Up by Magmic

Nintendo started a new trend by releasing DS Brain Age over a year ago. They have sold nearly five million copies of three Nintendo DS brain training games since the series launched in Japan. The games are based on the work of Dr. Kawashima, one of the country’s top researchers into brain imaging.

Brain Age hasn’t been released for BlackBerry, but we’ve found some other brain training software that has. Last week we brought you Filao’s Advanced Brain Trainer. And now we’ve found another great title from Magmic.

Interview with Magmic CEO John Criswick


John CriswickMagmic Games is a leading developer and publisher of mobile entertainment, offering a wide variety of games for BlackBerry handsets. John Criswick, founder and CEO of Magmic Games was kind enough to take a few minutes and talk with us.

First of all, how do you pronounce your company's name? Is it a "g" like in "magic", or a "g" like in "magma"?

John: It is a G like in magma, in fact the word magmic has the same roots as magma as in a "slow moving hard to stop fluid".

Last summer you launched a new division called "Bplay" to focus exclusively on the BlackBerry community even though the name "Magmic" is practically synonomous with BlackBerry games. Why did you feel the need to create a new BlackBerry-only identity?