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Get ready for Super Bowl XLVI with BlackBerry apps, games, wallpaper and themes


Super Bowl 46

Football fanatics! You know what's on next weekend- Super Bowl XLVI (that's 46 for you non-roman numeral reading folk)! By now, you should have made your plans already. Hopefully you've made friends with the guy at work with the 65 inch TV at home. Or maybe you're the one with a big TV who is suddenly popular. It's a day jam-packed with tailgate parties, unhealthy food eating, crazy commercials and an entertaining half time show. Okay, there's a hopefully amazing football game in there, as well. Before you plaster on the face paint, set up your BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook for game day. Regardless if you're rooting for the New England Patriots or New York Giants, we've got you covered. After the jump you can get into the game with quick access to apps, themes and wallpapers.