Love Birds

Not all birds are angry: Love Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook


"More challenging than it looks. Simple graphics but still fun and entertaining." 

Love Birds
Cocky Culture is no stranger to the CrackBerry blogs. Best known for their visually enticing themes for BlackBerry smartphones, Cocky Culture has recently released their first BlackBerry PlayBook game, Love Birds.

In Cocky Culture's first BlackBerry smartphone game, Devilish, we helped Dante escape the 9 levels of Hell. Love Birds is the complete opposite. This game is all about reuniting Dovey with his crush, Lovey. You can fling Dovey around the screen collecting various things to free Lovey from her cage. Whatever you do, don't keep Lovey waiting too long, and for goodness sake, DO NOT break any of her fine glasses or her favorite wine bottles! Read the full review after the break!