LastPass 4.0 redesigns everything you know about password management


LastPass 4.0 redesigns the password saving experience

LastPass has updated the company's password security apps on browsers, Android, iOS and OS X/PC. This latest release refreshes the user experience with an attractive new design, not to mention a new Sharing Center and Emergency Access. The revamped interface offers a more intuitive feel, which should appear streamlined to those who use the service across multiple platforms.

LogMeIn acquires popular password management company LastPass


LogMeIn acquires LastPass

The popular password management company LastPass has been acquired by LogMeIn. The deal, which was announced by LastPass on its blog, is now complete.

LastPass warns customers to change master passwords following suspicious activity


LastPass warns customers to change master passwords following suspicious activity

LastPass is warning customers to change their master passwords as a result of recent suspicious activity on its network. Though LastPass claims that the vault storing user passwords was not accessed, the company is warning users to change their master passwords. Last week the company detected some suspicious activity on the network, and was able to quickly block it.

LastPass for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available


LastPass Logo

From the first day I got my PlayBook last April I have been chomping at the bit for LastPass. When the first Android player leaked last summer the LastPass app was one of the first I loaded. Same goes for when the 2.0 beta dropped at DevCon2011 I couldn't get LastPass on my PlayBook fast enough.

I'm not the only one, Joseph did an article back in June of how to use the LastPass website on your PlayBook. This was a very awkward way to use LastPass and drove me quite mad until the Android players came out and gave me a user friendly way to take advantage of the awesomeness which is LastPass.

Joseph’s most-used BlackBerry apps of 2011


2011 Most used apps on my BlackBerry

There are but a few days left in 2011; what better time to share with you my most-used apps of 2011 than now. I love my BlackBerry Smartphone for the communication tool that it is. I have one or two games installed on my device, but that's not what I spend the majority of my BlackBerry time doing. The messages app and browser give me quick access to the world at-large, but there are several other apps that truely keep me connected and organized. Head on past the break for the full list.

A guide to LastPass on the BlackBerry PlayBook


LastPass on the BlackBerry PlayBook 

LastPass should be easier to use on the BlackBerry PlayBook. LastPass, if you haven't read before, is an online password management service. More than that, LastPass has taught me to make better passwords. Each of my websites has a different, randomly-generated password. About the only thing I do know is my LastPass master password (incidently, one that would take 54 quadrillion years to crack using a brute-force attack).

So when I visit my various websites, I need LastPass to tell me what my password is. On the PlayBook, the only way to do this is through the LastPass website; and I must say, it's a cumbersome process.

Begin by opening the PlayBook's web browser and navigating to Enter your login credentials. Find the site you are planning to visit and touch edit. Make sure you select the Edit button for your site. You may need to zoom in to make sure you select the site you want. Hmmm... the design of the site makes that difficult. Well, good luck anyway.

Clicking edit will open the site information window. Next to the password box, touch [show]. Now that the password is visible, touch and hold to select the text for copying. Move the selecting bars around so that the entire password is highlighted. This may take several tries. Once selected, touch Copy. Now open the website you would like to visit in another tab. In the password field for that website, touch and then hold until the paste option appears. Repeat as necessary to copy the username. 

There needs to be a better way.