Traveling and need some help with the local language? The Ascendo Dictionary may be just what you need


If you are traveling to Spain, Germany, Italy or France and either feel the need to brush up your language skills or just need some phrases at hand on your BlackBerry for emergencies, the Ascendo Dictionary may be just what you need. Designed to do the above, the application may well be a life saver. For this review I have chosen the English Spanish dictionary but they all work in exactly the same way. See what you think.

More than one language on your BlackBerry? Make that "bug" go away


CrackBerry Tip of the Day #1

Hide that language bug! 

Puedo hablar (más o menos) dos idiomas, español e ingles. En éste mundo, es una buena habilidad de tener. Usualamente escribo a maqunina en ingles; pero a veces, necesito usar español en mi BlackBerry... Oops.